SIERRA6BDX 2-12×40 mm


SIERRA6BDX 2-12×40 mm

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SIERRA6BDX 2-12×40 mm


Built upon SIERRA3 award-winning technology, and the SIG SAUER® BDX Ballistic Data Xchange technology, the SIERRA6 family of riflescopes provides the hunter or marksmen with an intelligent auto-holdover specific to their ballistics, target, and environment. Pairing a SIERRA6 to a BDX equipped rangefinder allows users to bring the capability of Applied Ballistics® into the field without the need for a mobile device.   Firearm



– Integrated BDX Ballistic Data Xchange 2.0 with Up to 95% Light Transmission

– Advanced HDX® 6x Optical System

– Automatic Hold-over Dot on a Digital Focal Plane

– Ballistic Profiles Compatible with Centerfire, Muzzleloader, and Crossbow Platforms

– Innovative KinETHICTM Kinetic Energy Transfer Indicator for Ethical Shots

– Dependable Waterproof and Fog-Proof Performance (IPX-7 for Complete

Immersion up to 1 Meter)

– Argon Purged for an Enhanced Lifetime of Performance

– LevelplexTM with Auto Levelplex Mode



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