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Identity and address of the seller
The customer concludes the order with Armeria Frinchillucci Italo srl based in Via Barberini 31, 00187 Rome – VAT number IT01704111002. This name is also printed as the sender on the package.

Order confirmation
For all orders placed on the website, an order confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent to the address indicated by the customer in his data sheet.

prices The prices indicated on the website are expressed in euros and include VAT; all possible shipping and insurance costs for the package are excluded.

Ordering products
The ordering of products takes place through the website, the customer is required to fill in the appropriate form and read it carefully before sending it. Armeria Frinchillucci Italo srl is in no case responsible for errors in sending e-mails nor for errors relating to the delivery of the package, deriving from information and (personal) data incorrectly entered by the customer.

characteristics The essential characteristics of the products are presented on the website within each product sheet. The images and colors of the products offered for sale on may however not correspond to the real ones due to the characteristics of the Internet browser used and the characteristics of the monitor used.

For Italy the delivery times are 1 or 2 working days for the goods available in our warehouses, while for the goods not ready for delivery they may vary depending on the availability of the items: we will promptly notify any unavailability of the ordered products and their presumed arrival. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have the whole range in ready availability given the vast catalog of products handled or due to delays in production and / or shipments.

Shipping costs
Shipping is via GLS, Bartolini or Executive courier.
The Shipping department is particularly efficient and cared for in every detail in order to satisfy the customer’s needs as much as possible. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the products, they involve a cost of € 10.80 (VAT included) up to 10 kg and increase in proportion to the weight, volume and value of the goods. There is an additional cost for the smaller islands (including Venice) of € 19.00 (VAT included) and for the towns of Campione D’Italia and Livigno of € 33.00 (VAT included).

Cash on delivery implies an additional cost of 3% of the value of the goods, for a minimum of € 4.00 (VAT included). For orders of products with amounts exceeding € 500.00 (cash on delivery), a 20% deposit will be required at the time of confirmation of the order. Once the products, the relative quantities and the shipping and payment methods have been chosen, the “order confirmation” page will still show the amount of the shipping costs and the total invoice. In the case of an order by fax, however, the exact amount of the shipping costs and the total invoice will be communicated directly by our operators. In addition to a competent and efficient internal staff, we use the best companies in the world (Bartolini, FedEx, Schenker, DHL) to ensure fast delivery,

Nothing is left to chance: careful and continuous cross-monitoring between the Armeria Frinchillucci Italo srl and the carriers allows shipments to be kept under total control in real time, thus minimizing any possibility of error: everything is constantly updated on the status of the shipment. in such a way that the goods arrive at their destination intact and exactly within the agreed terms and the goods are always accompanied by the relative receipt inside the package.

In case of damaged or tampered package
Armeria Frinchillucci Italo srl undertakes to pack the goods adequately, ensuring the maximum possible protection for the contents. In the face of shipments made so far, very few irregularities have occurred: less than 0.9%. Each package is carefully packed and closed with personalized tape. In the event of a package that is not intact, or damaged or with obvious signs of tampering, it is necessary to point it out to the courier who delivers the package and absolutely sign the waybill adding the words “WITH RESERVE”. This allows you to protect yourself if you find any type of anomaly after opening the package. Only in the latter case it will be necessary to report the incident by fax to the local courier office and, for information, to the Armeria Frinchillucci Italo srl at