Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver 38spl/357mag/9mm

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Surplus Beretta 92S 9mm with one 15 round magazine Italian Police Trade In’s, these are in Excellent to Fair Surplus Condition.

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  • UPC: 
  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 15 rounds
  • # OF MAGS: One
  • TYPE: Semi Auto Pistol
  • SIGHTS: Fixed Sights
  • CASE: Cardboard
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Surplus Beretta 92S 9mm Excellent to Fair Surplus Condition with one 15 round magazine

Read updated information below the description:Taurus 692 Tracker 3″ 7 shot Revolver 38spl/357mag/9mm

These Surplus Beretta 92S 9mm pistols are Italian Police Trade In’s. These pistols will be in fair to excellent surplus condition, we have graded this pistols A, B, & C grade. All of these pistols have been checked for function.  We took some pics of a one of the pistols with more holster wear and nicks on it, this pistol would be a B to C grade pistol. As a group this shipment has very little internal wear. We test fired one pistol pulled at random and the pistol functioned flawlessly. Some Beretta 92FS mags will not work with these pistols due to the placement of the mag catch at the bottom of the grip. ProMag Beretta mags have the appropriate notch at the bottom of the mag to lock up properly in these pistols. If you missed out on these the last time we had them, don’t wait! Now is the time to get one. Here is your chance to pick up a great shooting gun, at a low price. Virginia residents can select local pickup and come to our store and pick one out for yourself, or just stop by our store during our normal business hours. Always have surplus guns checked out by a gunsmith prior to firing them. Featuring the legendary Beretta 92 open slide design, the 92S was the first variant to incorporate a slide mounted combined safety and decocking lever. The current product 92FS differs from the 92S most dramatically in the position of the magazine release, which on the 92S is on the bottom of the frame, in a typical european pistol style.

UPDATE 11/21/2018: We processed our last shipment of these for a while according to the importer. The pistols are individually boxed in cardboard boxes and still come with one 15 round magazine. We have decided to grade these pistols A, B, & C, rather than offer handpick on them. The descriptions of the grades are as follows.

UPDATE 01/14/19: We expect a small amount of these to come back in stock in the next couple of weeks.

Surplus Beretta 92S Grades:

  • GRADE A: Excellent to Very Good surplus condition, dark finish, limited holster wear, limited nicks or scratches on the finish. These are very nice condition and appear to have been used sparingly or carried very limitedly.
  • GRADE B: Very Good to Good surplus condition, some holster wear, some nicks and scratches on the finish. These have been used and carried, and will have more marks or nicks on them than a Grade A.
  • GRADE C: Good to Fair surplus condition, holster wear, nicks and scratches on finish, finish wear. These have been used and carried, they will have marks and nicks on them, and potentially some finish wear. Finish wear is usually on the grip, but we have seen a few with finish wear on the top and near the front of the slide.

04/16/18 Update: We received a new shipment of Surplus Beretta 92S, this shipment according to the importer was from a different source than previous shipments and apparently they were only able to import about 400 pistols from this source. We were fortunate to receive these pistols as there were not many brought into the country this time around. Unfortunately our cost on these pistols has increased so we had to raise our price on these. This batch runs from Good to Excellent  surplus condition, “Hand Pick” will get you a very good to excellent surplus condition pistol. These pistols arrived individually boxed, rather than loose in a crate, we will updated pictures shortly.

Surplus Beretta 92S 9mm with one 15 round mag. Italian Police Trade In’s, these are in Excellent to Good Surplus Condition.



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